Claro India

Claro India is the pioneering manufacturer of paraformaldehyde in India, a premium 96% concentration product, produced by handful of companies in the world. The fine powder grade for friction dust has received good recognition in the international market.

Claro India has now diversified into the field of phenol formaldehyde resins for various applications. Claro India's phenolic resins plant is capable of manufacturing 120 Tons of liquid/powder resins per month. The reactors are kept on load cells and the entire process is automated to give consistent product quality batch after batch. The laboratory is well equipped with all necessary sophisticated testing equipments to control the quality of raw materials, process and finished products.

Research and development work is constantly undertaken to improve the product quality, develop improved process and specific requirements of customers. Application development laboratory has also been established to service the customers with trial samples. Claro India's range of product includes Phenol Formaldehyde liquid resins for foundries and refractories, Powder resins meant for brake lining and clutch facings for automobiles, abrasives, refractories, etc and various grades of resins for rubber Industries with specific products to suit individual customers. In each field of application, CLARO INDIA serves the leaders in the respective segment and gets repeated orders consistently, demonstrating their competitive strengths in quality, service and prices.






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