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Phenol Formaldehyde Resins:

I. Powder grade resins

  1. Straight phenol formaldehyde novalac resins for brake linings, foundry sleeves, abrasives, refractories, rubber industries, tooling etc

    1. Long flow

    2. Medium flow

    3. Short flow

    4. Special grades

  2. CNSL modified phenolic resins for brake linings, rubber industries, etc.,

  3. cardanol modified phenolic resins for rice rubber rollers, brake linings etc.,

  4. latex rubber modified phenolic resins for abrasives, etc.,

  5. alkyl phenolic (ptbp/pop based) resins for rubber / tyre industries, adhesives etc.,

  6. resorcinol formaldehyde resins for nylon tyre card dipping, adhesives etc.,

II. Liquid grade resins

  1. Resins for shell moulding applications

  2. Resin for refractories - ladles

  3. Resin for refractories converters

  4. Resol grade resins for abrasives, corrosion resistant applications

  5. Special grades for inks & others

III. Catalyst & Other reaction promoters

  1. Standard catalyst for shell moulding applications

  2. Catalyst for no bake resin

  3. Hexamethylene tetramine powder

  4. ppt silica treated hexamethylene tetramine powder

  5. physio chemical mixture of PPT silica and resorcinol

  6. Proprietory blend of resorcinol and phenolic resin

  7. Paraformaldehyde 96% powder & prill

  8. Special grades






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