Southern Synthetics

Southern Synthetics has its factory at Ranipet, about 120 Kms from Chennai in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the oldest Plants for the manufacture of formaldehyde and hexamine in India. Southern Synthetics has a sophisticated 40 MT per day, 37% Formaldehyde Plant, based on silver catalyst process. The standard product has methanol content of 2 3% used in various applications. Special grades with low, high methanol contents and higher concentration of formaldehyde can be offered as per specific requirements.

The major use of formaldehyde is in the manufacture of various synthetic resins like urea formaldehyde, phenol formaldehyde, melamin formaldehyde and others. It is also used in the manufacture of organic dye stuffs, explosives, crop protection and soil disinfection chemicals, fumigants, pharmaceuticals, etc. It finds wide applications in the leather, fur, metal working, paper processing, textiles, sugar, photography, oil & rig and other industries.

Southern Synthetics is the only manufacturer of Hexamine in Tamil Nadu and has a capacity of 5.0 MT per day. The product is manufactured by the reaction of ammonia gas with formaldehyde solution in a reactor specially designed for the same. The product is well accepted in the market for various applications like explosives, curing of phenolic resins, as a rubber vulcanization accelerator, fuel tablets for camping stoves, observer for poisonous gasses and a re-agent for the detection of gold, mercury, antimony, bismuth and silver. It is also used in pharmaceutical purposes as an urinary antiseptic and a substitute for camphor. Special stabilized grades in powder forms are also offered to specific customers as per their demand.

Southern Synthetics has a well equipped laboratory for testing and control of raw materials, in-process and finished products. Southern Synthetics practices strict quality control measures.Hexamine produced at its plant has been approved by leading government organizations like ONGC, Ordinance Factory, IBP / IOC etc.






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